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"A friend introduced me to Barbara. After meeting her, I instantly knew that she was my designer.
If you're looking for an interior designer that is tolerant, open- minded, understanding, considerate, listens to your needs, than Barbara is your person!  She has a quiet self-confidence about her. My wife and I completely trust her and would recommend her to anyone."

 -Artie B

"Barr did a fabulous job designing the remodel of our master bathroom and kitchen.  Perfection from day 1 till the end...she stayed in constant contact with my contractor overseeing every detail..and also with me. She has access to everything regarding a remodel so it was very easy for me...and most importantly she was open-minded as to listening to my wants...I have recommended her and would over again...."

-Deb W

"Brilliant! Barbara Park at Park Place Design has created my dream home.  She has the innate ability to take your visions and create it into a reality.  She is very personable and professional.  If you have any questions or concerns, she is quick to respond.  She has the knowledge of current designs and color.  "WOW" and "I LOVE IT" are the first comments of people who have seen my house.  She has access to all faucets of the remodeling process from contractors, furniture, decorative painting, cabinetry, custom walk-in  closets, drapery, accessories.   She has all qualified contacts available.  I would definitely recommend Barbara Park to anyone who wants to make a remodel and exceptional experience with a fantastic result."

-Karen E.

"Barbara worked with me on a total ground up remodel in Diablo Country Club . She is very talented and skilled. The finished product is on her

website and speaks for itself.

Barbara is very easy to work with and is very flexible when it comes to changes that I felt were important. Her creativity is abundantly clear and her product knowledge made choices of fixtures , colors and

design effects an exciting adventure for me.

The cost of her services were very reasonable and a very small percentage of the project. She also brings with her a set of highly skilled contractors that I used. I got the best of both worlds- a extremely talented Designer and a set of very skilled craftsman.
The results are spectacular , SHE IS THE VERY BEST. I could not have completed the project with out her."

-Ralph P.

"Barbara was referred to me by someone who had a good experience with her, and I am SO glad I engaged her services! First, she has good communication and people skills.  We were easily able to communicate ideas back and forth with no struggles.  She is also very personable and easy to get along with which made the remodeling experience a pleasant one.

Second, she knows her job well.  After communicating with her what I wanted, she went ahead and designed a plan for me that worked well.  A lot of times, I wondered if the color scheme and recommended choices were going to work.  Barbara kept telling me: "Trust me; its is going to look really nice."  Oh, my goodness, she was so right!  At one point, my assistant and I laughed as she said; "We should have put more trust in Barbara!"  Barbara has a good eye for making things look fabulous.

Third, and equally important, she takes the stress out of remodeling or decorating your place.  I didn't have to sacrifice precious personal time to through countless choices of  furniture, art, fixtures, paints, floors, etc. Barbara narrowed the RIGHT choices for me and took care of contacting vendors and suppliers on my behalf, arranging for deliveries, and engaging the best people for installing my fixtures and artwork.

My place would certainly not be looking the way it is now without Barbara's help.  It is SO much nicer!  I have had so many patients commenting on the dental practice and even expressing interest of installing the same floor for their houses.  What a great interior designer and experience!!!"

-Virginia E.

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