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Park Place Design is your premier destination for sophisticated window treatments in Berkeley, California. We understand the significance of fine details and personalized service. We hand-select all our products, including premium offerings from Hunter Douglas, to ensure our products meet the high standards of our discerning clientele. Whether you're updating your home, designing an Airbnb, or enhancing a professional space, our expert team is here to assist with your window treatment needs.

Blinds: Shop Window Treatments for Ultimate Style and Functionality

Hunter Douglas blinds provide stunning visual appeal and functional benefits, perfect for any sophisticated space. Select from various styles and materials, including traditional hardwoods with timeless elegance or modern aluminum, for a sleek, contemporary look. Our blinds enhance light control and privacy and are adaptable to any room's needs.

Wood Blinds

Made from natural hardwood or premium faux wood, these blinds add a classic richness to your decor while offering excellent durability and privacy control. They are ideal for developing a warm, inviting atmosphere in residential or commercial spaces.

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds near Berkeley, California (CA)

Metal Blinds

These feature a minimalist, modern design and are strong and easy to maintain. Their reflective surfaces can help reduce cooling expenses by bouncing back external heat, making them ideal for office and industrial environments.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds provide precise light control and privacy, ideal for patio doors and vast window expanses. They are available in various materials, including fabric and vinyl, allowing seamless integration into any design scheme. Easy operation and versatile styling options make vertical blinds popular for residential and commercial spaces.

Shades: Shop Window Treatments for Seamless Light Control

Hunter Douglas shades are for those who appreciate a balance of design and practicality. Available in various materials and styles, they provide superior light control and can add a layer of softness to any interior. These shades are customizable to fit your specific design needs, enhancing your windows' aesthetics and functionality.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades near Berkeley, California (CA)

Roller Shades

With their chic simplicity and clean lines, roller shades are easy to operate and perfect for a modern look. Roller shades allow you to manage light precisely, enhancing energy efficiency while maintaining privacy.

Roman Shades

Offering the elegant appearance of drapery with the convenience of traditional blinds, Roman shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, ensuring they perfectly match your existing decor. Roman shades fold neatly when raised, providing a clean look that complements any area.

Shutters: Shop Window Treatments for Timeless Elegance

Choose interior shutters for a durable, stylish window treatment that elevates property value. Custom-tailored to fit any window shape and size, Hunter Douglas shutters add beauty and significantly enhance privacy and insulation.

Wood Shutters

These shutters offer timeless elegance with their robust insulative properties, perfect for controlling indoor temperature and reducing energy costs. The luxurious appearance of wood shutters can elevate the style of any room.

Hunter Douglas NewStyle® Composite Shutters near Berkeley, California (CA)

Polysatin Shutters

Ideal for high-moisture spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, these shutters combine durability with style. Polysatin shutters resist warping, cracking, and fading, ensuring long-lasting functionality and aesthetics under challenging conditions.

Experience Modern Luxury with Motorized Window Treatments

Elevate your space with motorized window treatments. Ideal for enhancing functionality and convenience, these systems allow you to adjust blinds, shades, or shutters remotely, perfect for hard-to-reach or large windows.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Pebble® Remote near Berkeley, California (CA)
  • Remote Accessibility: Easily adjust settings with the award-winning handheld Pebble® Remote or mobile device.

  • Smart Home Integration: Sync with home automation systems for seamless operation.

  • Enhanced Privacy: Modify settings remotely to increase privacy and security.

  • Energy Efficiency: Program your coverings to manage light and temperature, reducing energy costs.

  • UV Protection: Automatically shield interiors from intense UV rays, protecting furnishings.

Why Choose Park Place Design for Custom Window Treatments?

We provide exceptional window treatment styling solutions that cater perfectly to your needs. Whether you're looking for window treatments for a dentist's office, an upscale residence, or a commercial space, we have the expertise and products to transform your environment. Here's why we stand out as the top choice among our selective clientele:

  • Expertise: We are highly knowledgeable in interior design and window treatments.

  • Quality: We hand-select the best products from trusted brands like Hunter Douglas.

  • Customization: Every window treatment is made-to-measure and crafted to fit your requirements.

Discover more about us and our design services, read testimonials from satisfied clients, or explore our portfolio.

Designer Window Treatments Near Berkeley, California

Are you ready to explore the transformative capabilities of interior design? Contact Park Place Design at (925) 818-1473 to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation. Let us elevate your interiors with our superior selection of window treatments, meticulously chosen to reflect the latest trends and embrace timeless elegance.

Enhance your environment with Park Place Design, where meticulous design meets seamless functionality. We eagerly anticipate assisting you in creating the perfect ambiance with our exceptional, custom-designed window treatments. Experience the difference that refined solutions can make in your space.

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